In News Coverage, The Somerville Times

As a taxpayer, I want to make sure Somerville spends its money according to the progressive values we hold dear. I want to urge the Board of Alderpersons to oppose any and all handouts to Clarendon Hill developer Redgate, a wolf in sheep’s clothing that refuses to give our working families a hand up. First, Redgate got city leaders to sell them the five-acre Clarendon Hill parcel—right next to the T—at a massive discount. Redgate paid the city less than $16 million—well below market value. Some have speculated the land could be worth more than twice that!

Now, Redgate is back asking for two more handouts. First, they want a giveaway of $10 million in return for providing community benefits. But one of those so-called “benefits” allows Redgate to police itself when it comes to worker safety. Next, they want a Home Rule petition that gives Redgate a $15 million gift, by allowing the developer to UNDERPAY the workers building the 270 market rate units. These are the same units that will fatten Redgate’s pockets for generations to come.

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